3 Major Internet Marketing Elements To Add To Your SEO Strategies

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When you discuss internet marketing with people today, they often times think only of one thing, and that’s SEO. Yes, search engine optimization is a crucial part of this overall, but it is not the only part, and that’s where you need to draw the line. If you’re working within the ranks of just this type of framework, you will only see marginal gains. There may be some organic traffic generated in time, but there will be a drop off if you don’t work within the boundaries of other elements to the bigger picture of internet marketing.

Internet MarketingThere are 3 major branches that you should not miss when you’re looking at creating more traffic, market share, and influence online. If you implement these properly, or hire someone to manage them for you, there will be an incredible return on investment. Consider the following elements in your quest to dominate your niche or industry.

Social Networking Websites

Social media is here to stay, and despite some people’s reservations about these pages, they still create a lot of traffic for a variety of niche sites. Whether you have a blog, an ecommerce solution, or just a business site you will want to have a profile updated for your brand. Within the pages of these sites, you could use your URL, images, and more to gain traffic. The reason why this is part of the larger picture of SEO is because search engines update their indexes and crawl rates of these sites to go alongside the frenetic updates that are pushed on a regular basis. The more updates that are posted on these sites, the more crawls that are pushed.

Video Sharing Websites

There are several sites that you can upload videos to. Using these pages for marketing is a bit rough for some, but with the proliferating of smartphones and HD devices, recording and uploading video is easier than ever. You’ll find that these pages gain a lot of fast ranking and indexing within search engines because they are owned by major search providers. It’s imperative that you use the search providers own sites for maximum reach and traffic generation. Test this out, and you’ll see that by uploading just 1 video, you could see an increase in your rank and index rate. Upload 100 videos, and you could very well have a minor bump in the way your site comes up within search queries.

Article Directories

This is a controversial topic, but in regards to content marketing, you’re not going to find another home quite as dominant as article directories. There are a number of pages online that you will want to isolate, but updating your content on these is crucial. Find the ones that have a great deal of authority, and are not linked to spam, and you have a place to post articles, with promotional consideration to your website. Even if you were to get 1 hit on each article, you could still use that as an advantageous platform to generate backlinks.

The above pieces of internet marketing are just some of the major components that people are using on a regular basis to placate search results. If you want to ensure that you’re getting your fair amount of market share within any industry today, you will need to make sure that you factor in several components. There’s no reason to just isolate SEO as the sole way that you market your website to the masses.

When the aforementioned is all done, you will want to also engage in search engine marketing, through the use of pay per click advertising. This is a good way to increase market share, indexing, and traffic, but it can cost a great deal of money if you’re not careful.

Things To Look Out For When Hiring Any SEO Company For Internet Marketing Collateral

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Right now there are millions if not billions of websites online. You will find that every minute of every hour, someone is publishing a new update to their page, or even launching a new site altogether. This is not a bad thing, as there are a lot of great things that can come through launching sites. You may be tempted to set one up or perhaps you run a small business and you have a site up and running already, which is a good thing. If you do in fact have a site up, and you’re wondering as to how you can get more attention to it, especially in crowded marketplaces, you will want to look at hiring a good company to help you with internet marketing. In fact, you will find that without a good company helping you out, you’re going to have a diminished role in the working relationship that you will need to move forward within in terms of internet marketing. Look at hiring a SEO Company, that is not only competent, but exhibits several signs that they will lead your site to the top of the search engines. There are a few things that you will want to look into to ensure that this goes your way.

The Language Used

SEO companyFirst and foremost, look at the language that is used by the company on their website. You could tell professional grade solutions from those that are being put up by hackers or those that aren’t good at this type of work in the writing. The writing that is on any major website should indicate whether or not they are good at what they do. You may disagree at first glance, but it’s something that is going to save you a lot of headache down the line. It’s imperative that you look at how this all works out, as you may hire someone that isn’t good at what they are doing, solely based on the price or some other reason. Vocabulary aside, look at how they explain certain parameters of their work.

The Portfolio

Always look for a portfolio or references that you can find online. Never give your money or time to a site that doesn’t have a proven track record of helping others within this medium. If you find that a site doesn’t have any sort of influence, and you’re not seeing any sort of elements that prove that they are good at what they are doing, then it’s time to walk away. You don’t need to spend a lot of money on SEO services from a company that doesn’t have a portfolio at all. In order to gain any sort of leverage today, you’re going to need to find this option moving forward, and it’s imperative.

Where Does The Page Land

One trick of the trade that many people look at when cycling through all the SEO Company options that are available is through looking at where the individual page is landing. The landing of the full URL will help determine whether or not the company is doing well to promote themselves, or whether they aren’t really good at what they are doing. You’re going to find that there are indeed some companies that are selling optimization services, and can’t even land within the top 10 search results for their niche. If you aren’t seeing the natural listings come up with the company you want to work with, perhaps they aren’t doing their job. Always be skeptical in this regards, or you could end up hiring someone based on conjecture, and that’s not a good way to go.

More Than SEO

A professional SEO Company should be able to help you with more than one aspect of marketing. If they are isolated to just one arena and they are only going to give you a helping hand in regards to natural search placement, then perhaps they aren’t worth it. You want to hire someone that is going to give you a leg up on the competition, which means that you will need to spend a lot of time and effort focusing on elements that are outside the norm. For instance, you may want to establish a good PPC campaign to help offset the time it takes to implement natural link generation and more. It’s important that you focus on building more than just one arena of optimization, or else you’re going to end up looking foolish when your site is hindered on all fronts. Search engine optimization is good, but it can take a lot of time to settle, which means that you will need something to sustain your market share up front, like PPC.

There is a great deal of companies out there that are working within the confines of internet marketing. There’s no shortage of sites that will promise you the world in terms of SEO, so be careful. Always look for portfolios, reviews, and ask for references of any marketer. If they have no way of proving that they can give you a leg up, then it’s time to walk away from their site and look for another solution. Take your time and find the “right” solution for you.